Champion Bees

Introducing our Spelling Bee Champions; those who dared to explore the hive in pursuit of the sweet golden honey…

How the Bee Works

To register for the 2020 Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship and TV Show; Visit the register now section of the Kenya National Spelling Bee website to register as an individual or as a group or Send an SMS with the word “REGISTER” to 21915. Registration is open to all Grade 4 – 8 Pupils.

How to Study and Perform Well

The best thing you can do to improve your spelling is to read a lot and look up words that you don’t know in the Oxford dictionary. But here are some more focused suggestions for studying to do well in spelling bees;

How Can I Assist the Pupils for the Championship?

There are a few things you can do to help your pupils prepare for the Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship besides what you do in the classroom every day.

Benefits of Learning to Spell Correctly

As pupils get older and progress through various stages in life, they will have to write reports and papers. Not only is the ability to spell necessary in most occupations, but a person also needs to be able to spell well in order to be able to communicate, take notes and directions.