About Our Organization

The Kenya National Spelling Bee (KNSB) is a registered educational Organization in Kenya, and is also a founding Member of the African Spelling Bee Consortium.

KNSB is Kenya’s largest English Language Spelling Championship started in a quest to promote a reading culture and help Learners improve their communication skills; develop & nurture intra-personal skills and values such as self-esteem,self-awareness, confidence, personal integrity, encourage critical literacy & reflection; inspire intercultural understanding by creating learning communities in which Learners can increase their understanding of language and culture deliberately designed to help them become more globally engaged.

KNSB operates in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, the Kenya Private Schools Association and the Kenya Primary Head Teachers Association, among others.

Our Vision

A leader developing life lasting skills, self-confidence, literacy and personal growth through correct spelling.

Our Mission

To enhance correct spelling by assessing levels of literacy, organizing strategic regular competitions and to reward learners as a solid foundation for impacting lasting life skills & progressive growth in Kenya and beyond.