KNSB Commitment

The primary role of Kenya National Spelling Bee is to promote a reading culture among learners. The championship is designed to provide students with the opportunity to read carefully selected content during their preparation for the championship and thereafter a platform, to pit their spelling skills against one another by applying strategies to help them spell both familiar and unfamiliar words correctly. KNSB plays a major role in the promotion of literacy by ensuring proper and polished vocabulary, grammar and writing skills, achieved through correct spelling.

The KNSB program is designed to contribute to the development of student’s self-esteem, creating pride in academic achievement and in the process helping to build a solid foundation for their future education and careers.

KNSB is committed to;

  • Strengthening the promotion of training and capacity building of learners and teachers in the English language.
  • Promoting strategic partnerships and networks that will improve the use of proper and polished vocabulary, grammar and writing skills through correct spelling.
  • Promote research and development in English language literacy in accordance with the values of good business ethics and innovation.