The Kenya National Spelling Bee is responsible for several programs in Kenya. They include:

a). Spelling Bee Preliminary (Qualifier) Tests

This program seeks to determine the levels of language competency amongst Primary School learners in class 5 to class 8 through written tests.

b). Teacher Training

We train Teachers on how to effectively and efficiently incorporate the Spelling Bee programme in their normal class routine. The Heads of English Panels from Primary schools are trained by a team of trainers from KNSB in their respective counties.

The Teachers are trained on the best ways to incorporate the spelling bee in their English lesson plan and how to conduct internal school spelling bee competitions and written tests to identify the top 3 spellers who will be representing their schools in the County Spelling Bee Championships.

After training, the teachers are expected to go back to their schools and sensitize other teachers, pupils and parents on the Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship.

c). Spelling Bee Camps

This program seeks to identify talents, entertain spellers & their families and bring together members of spelling bee clubs from various to schools for a fun filled day full of activities such as;

  • Art Contests
  • Dancing & Singing Competitions
  • Face Painting
  • Bike & Horse Riding
  • Ball Games
  • Video Games
  • Rock Climbing, among others

d). Africa Championship

This program brings together spellers from all over the African Continent for the African version of the spelling bee and a networking opportunity amongst peers.

e). Spelling Bee Championships

This program seeks to enhance correct spelling amongst learners by organizing annual spelling bee competitions and to reward Learners as a solid foundation for impacting lasting life skills for progressive growth in Kenya.

f). Spelling Bee TV Show

The Spelling Bee Television Show is a fun platform for schools participating in the Spelling Bee Championship to showcase the Spelling skills of their Pupils. The Learners are tasked with Spelling words from a wide array of topics from the Grade 4 to 8 syllabus in front of a live TV audience and millions of viewers

g). Spelling Bee Test

Unlike in the previous years where teachers had complete control over who represents the School at the County Championships, in 2019 all registered pupils will be subjected to a written Spelling Bee Test.

The main purpose of this test within the school is to identify in a fair and accountable way the best 3 Spellers who will represent their schools at the County Spelling Bee Championships and to test whether the pupils will have read and understood the contents of the 2019 word list and textbooks from which the Spelling Bee test will be derived from.

h). Weekly Online Spelling Bee Classes

The English & Mathematics lessons are facilitated by some of the top teachers in the two subjects nationally. The lessons will furnish Learners with a wide range of opportunities to listen, learn & closely interact with the Teacher online with a wide array of topics that will be covered from the Upper Primary Syllabus & general information.

In-line with the community based learning under the CBC Curriculum, the practical classes will help in building the life skills of our Learners, to help them navigate the new normal. Classes will include Cooking, Taekwondo, Coding, Art & Craft and other physical disciplines.