• What other skills are needed?
  • How many learners proceed to the Sub-County Championships from the School?
  • How many spellers advance from the County Championship to the National Championship?
  • Is there a separate championship for each Class level?
  • That doesn’t seem fair. Why not have separate competitions for each Class?
  • Why are private schools eligible? It doesn't seem fair.
  • Can an individual register for the Spelling Bee championship?
  • What if my school is not registered?
  • Is there a word list to study?
  • Where do the words come from?
  • Is this a government program?
  • What do I get for the registration fee?
  • What if my child is not a good speller, can I enter him/her?
  • My child is not a participant, can we attend as spectators?
  • When are the championships going to be held?
  • Does the registration fee apply to the school?
  • Will the school get the readers like last time?
  • After registration, is the school supposed to choose 3 pupils for the sub-county competitions?
  • How many pupils should I register per class?
  • Whom do I pay the registration money to?
  • What is in it for the teachers?
  • Who are the judges for the championship?
  • Will the teachers get certificates?
  • Can I register through a mobile phone?
  • What are the rules for the Competition?

The bee requires composure under pressure and public speaking.

The top 3 participants from each participating school proceed to the Sub-County Championships.

The top 3 participants from each County will proceed to the National Championship.

Is there a separate championship for each Class level?

Is there a separate championship for each Class level?

All participants undergo the same training using the provided resources, i.e. word lists and selected textbooks irrespective of their class levels.

Yes. Individuals in classes 4 to 8 are eligible and encouraged to register for the 2019 Bee Championship through the website.

Registration is done individually on the KNSB website therefore you can still register as long as you are in class 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Yes, word lists can be downloaded (link to downloads) from the KNSB Sample Word List.

All of the words used in the championship can be found in the Oxford Advanced Learners English Dictionary and the selected 2019 textbooks and word lists.

No, but the program is authorized and monitored by the Ministry of Education.

A Kenya National Spelling Bee written test, an opportunity to learn new words, make new friends, travel and win awesome prizes, among other great stuff.

Yes, every child is a winner, we promote participation with a focus on learning.

Yes, we welcome and encourage everyone to attend and show support for the children’s efforts.

The championships will be held in the Second Term of the School calendar.

No. The fee only applies to each individual pupil.

No, selected textbooks in the Class 4-8 syllabus will be selected for Learners to read and prepare for the competition from.

No. Schools are supposed to give their pupils the KNSB qualifier test to get their best 3 spellers.

All pupils in Class 4 to Class 8 can register.

All the registration fees should be remitted to the KNSB M-Pesa pay-bill number or bank account provided on the KNSB website.

Teachers of the top 3 pupils at the County level will each win laptops and certificates while teachers of the top 3 pupils at the National level will win cash prizes worth KSH 900,000.

Judges are English teachers who have been carefully selected and trained for the championship by KNSB.


Yes. You can either log on to the official KNSB website on your phone or dial *.......... # and follow the prompts.

You can download (link to the downloads section) and read the 2019 rules & regulations.