Rules and Regulations


A. Only Schools may hold Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship qualifying events/tests. Individual pupils enter the championship by registering and taking part in the KNSB qualifier test before they are eligible to represent their school at the Sub County Championship.

B. The following types of Schools are eligible to register for the 2017 Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship: Public and Private primary schools.

C. The 2017 Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship is open to Learners in classes 5, 6, 7 and 8 only.

D. Learners cannot register/participate individually, but must participate by registering through their school. Learners may only compete for one school and county at a time.

E. The highest placing individuals advance to succeeding levels of the championship.

F. Qualifiers at the School Spelling Bee Championships must complete a Participant Profile before the Sub-County Championships and give consent through their parents or guardians allowing their photos to be used in communications about the Kenya National Spelling Bee.

G. Images will not be used for commercial purposes or given to other people to use. Participants who do not wish their photos or images to be used will be respected.

H. Since there is a limit on the number of places allowed in the championship, schools should conduct a mock spelling bee championship and KNSB qualifier tests at least 1 week before the deadline and submit the names of their Champions to KNSB. If they do not, they may lose their place in the championship.

I. The Kenya National Spelling Bee may disqualify prior to or during the championship any speller who is not in compliance with any of the above Admissibility Requirements.

J. KNSB Officials may—at any time before the conclusion of the Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship — require any speller who is found to have not been in compliance with any of the Admissibility Requirements to forfeit any prizes, rank, and other benefits accorded to the speller as a result of participation in the Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship.

Official Dictionary

The Oxford Advanced Learners 9th edition English Dictionary is the official dictionary of the championship. All words used in the championship can be found in the said dictionary.

The dictionary will be the final word on any disputes involving spelling. In cases where American and British spelling differs, spellers shall use British English.

Homonyms: If a word has a homonym, the pronouncer will note that and provide the definition of the desired word when he or she gives the word. If the pronouncer fails to do that, and the speller provides the correct spelling of any of the homonyms, it will be considered correct.