How To Study

Have a look at some suggestions for studying to do well in spelling.

The best thing you can do to improve your spelling is to read a lot and look up words that you don’t know in the Oxford dictionary. But here are some more focused suggestions for studying to do well in spelling bees.

  • Learn as many words as you can.
  • Get a copy of the OXFORD Dictionary if you can. It’s the official dictionary for the Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship.
  • Study the most common words first.
  • Write the words somewhere. Just writing the words will help you remember them.
  • Focus on the words that are tough.
  • Have a teacher, friend or family member help you by pronouncing the words.
  • Learn more about prefixes, suffixes and other combining forms, as well as word origins (etymology). Increase your vocabulary by reading books, journals & newspapers…
  • Study in groups.
  • Play word games.