Who We Are

Kenya National Spelling Bee is Kenya’s largest English Language Spelling Championship started in a quest to help Learners improve their spelling, learn concepts, develop proper English usage and improve & promote a reading culture among Learners.

Kenya National Spelling Bee is a national organization in Kenya that promotes literacy growth, particularly in the English language among learners for progressive educational success and development. Fully, aware of the English language being the mode of instruction in all subjects save Kiswahili, KNSB aims to enrich the learning experience of learners in Kenya through growth of English vocabulary, public speaking and self-confidence.

Noting that English is the predominant language of international education –in diplomacy, external trade, civil aviation amongst others, KNSB resolves to ensure that all Kenyan learners are able to read, speak and write correct English. This way, the learners’ reading culture and reading skills will be improved, students’ ability to perform well academically will be enhanced, the learners will have high levels of oral and written communication skills and have improved self-confidence.