About Us

The Kenya National Spelling Bee is a spelling competition open to learners in public and private schools.

Who We Are

The Kenya National Spelling Bee is a registered educational Organization in Kenya, and is also a founding Member of the African Spelling Bee Consortium, that aims to encourage Students, Teachers, Parents and the Community to participate in the education process.

The KNSB is an adaptation of the celebrated Scripps National Spelling Bee, a 90-year-old spelling bee program usually held in the United States of America and the Spelling Bee of Canada, a 30-year-old spelling bee program usually held in Canada.

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Our Vision

A leader developing life-lasting skills, self-confidence, literacy and personal growth through correct spelling.

Our Mission

To enhance correct spelling by assessing level of literacy, organizing strategic regular competitions, and to reward learners as a solid foundation for impacting lasting life skills for progressive growth in Kenya and beyond.

The Role of KNSB

The primary role of Kenya National Spelling Bee is to promote a reading culture among learners. The championship is designed to provide students with the opportunity to read carefully selected content during their preparation for the championship and thereafter a platform, to pit their spelling skills against one another by applying strategies to help them spell both familiar and unfamiliar words correctly. KNSB plays a major role in the promotion of literacy by ensuring proper and polished vocabulary, grammar and writing skills, achieved through correct spelling.
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Our Programs

The Kenya National Spelling Bee is responsible for several programs in Kenya including Spelling Bee Preliminary (Qualifier) Tests, Teachers’ Training, Spelling Bee Championships, Spelling Bee Carnival/Fun Day and Africa Championship.

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